Invitation to transform

A few weeks ago I received an invitation from my sister to join the 12wbt – 12 Week Body Transformation – a program developed by Michelle Bridges to help people transform their lives. After ummming and aahhing about it for several days I accepted the invitation.

For so long I have felt like everyone else is more important than I am. That it’s ok to treat myself like crap and to allow others to do so as well. To date, that attitude has got me a lot of comfort eating and a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in an unhealthy body and the inability to do so many things a lot of people take for granted. 

So, this invitation is an opportunity for me to practice the ultimate in self care – to love myself enough to look after my body. A very daunting prospect considering its current state, but a challenge I am willing to take because when I consider the alternatives, I certainly don’t like the options!

Ali 🙂

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