Expectations …

At work today I was talking to someone about expectations … the expectations that people will have of you, should you make changes in your life and participate in new things. This person was talking about it in terms of joining a new group and making improvements in life. And that making those improvements would mean that people would expect MORE from you.

I decided to bring it here to discuss, because I have felt EXACTLY the same thing. One of the things that I have been afraid of is those expectations. What will people expect of me as I donate more weight to the universe? What will I have to do to continue “proving myself”?

Interesting questions, don’t you think?

And so are the answers. I know without a doubt that my fears are groundless. As I continue to make donations, gain more energy and get my head together, I know that I will WANT to contribute more. I’ll have more energy to DO more. To THINK more. To BE more. And I will RELISH getting in there and getting my hands dirty.

I have to ask myself … if I know all this, why exactly have I been afraid?

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