Fear …

Not sure what I wanted to say about this right now, but I had the urge to write, so thought I would come and just see what comes out the end of my fingers 🙂

So. Fear. What is it exactly? Being scared, right? Of what? And why does it hold us back from living the life we want? Or more accurately, why do we ALLOW it to hold us back?

Because it’s SCARY! And that is an extremely unpleasant emotion to experience. In the past I have allowed fear to hold me back from many things. Like what? Well, like going out with friends. Going on picnics. I dread going to places where I know (or think) I won’t be able to keep up. And because I don’t want to hold other people back, I decide not to go at all.

How about from exercising? Afraid of being able to keep up with others, of holding them back and mostly of being judged. What will people think of me if they see me doing these kinds of things at my size? It’s not a pleasant feeling. And it’s why, when the 12WBTers in my area started organising a group training session on the weekend, I declined to go. Speaking with them on the forum gave me the impression that they were so much smaller and fitter than I am. So, despite them assuring me that it would be set up for the different fitness levels, I haven’t been …

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