our greatest supports …

Where do we usually get our greatest support from?

Today when I got home from work my 10 year old niece said to me (after I had been to the supermarket and had bought a couple small chocolate bars), “Could I have a chocolate bar? I’d be helping you cause you’re not allowed to have them” (i’m paraphrasing slightly). Funny girl!

Just a few minutes later my 11 year old niece came to me and said that she would like to help me do my workouts and train with me! On both my functional trainer and xtrainer. My heart literally melted! This girl reminds me so much of myself at her age. So self conscious and unsure of herself. I had to disappoint her with the weight machine since it isn’t designed for kids and she could get hurt (though im sure she could push me to work harder. She has a determined streak in her that one!). I then told her that I would love to have her help on my “machine” (xtrainer). 

I had been noticing that I was avoiding the topic of my efforts to get healthier around the house, but obviously the kids have picked it up anyway (or their mum had a word to them, which is likely). All 4 of them have been amazing so far and the season hasn’t even started yet!!

I love these kids!

So, where does your greatest support come from?


2 comments on “our greatest supports …

  1. Gorgeous girl your niece! My biggest support is certainly my girls, the youngest three especially as at 13, 15, 15, they all take turns training with me – I love it!

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