For the last few days I have been reading about several people who feel like they hate themselves. They look in the mirror and just “know” that they are ugly. That they are somehow unworthy. 

When I read this I feel a little sad. Sad because I used to be there. For the longest time I had similar things run around in my head whenever I looked in the mirror. For the next longest time, I felt quite numb when looking in the mirror. It was like I didn’t think anything about myself. And yet, gradually, it has come about that I can now think positive things about myself. Rather than thinking negatively about my body, my focus has shifted to positive things about me as a whole.

I am beautiful simply because I breathe the air. I am beautiful because of my generous, caring nature. I am beautiful because I have the ability to achieve the things most important in my life. I am beautiful because I have what it takes to achieve my dreams. I am beautiful because I have talents and gifts to share with the world. I am beautiful for a whole host of reasons.

I am beautiful. Just cause 🙂


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