Who exactly is living this life?

How often do we allow other people to dictate our actions? Someone says “c’mon, one bit of this yummy chocolate cake won’t hurt”, or maybe they aren’t being so nice about it and instead make a nastier comment. Something like “you’ll never be able to reach your goal, you aren’t good enough for that”

Some people couch it in joking terms, others are outright nasty about it. Either way, you find yourself in front of the TV (or wherever) with a packet of chips/chocolate/cake or any other version of comfort food, and ultimately their words are proved correct, because we allow ourselves to be ruled by them. Is that completely nuts or what?!?!?!

Whether these people are complete strangers, or whether they are meant to be our nearest and dearest, the result is the same. We end up feeling like crap, while they get to gloat about how right they were when they said whatever.

If you are reading this and are thinking something like “OMG, I do that all the time”, then you are not alone. I have been there too. Many times. So often in fact that I now face an extremely long journey to regain my life. But you know what, I’m ok with that. Without all the experiences I have had previously, I would not be where I am now. Taking back that control starts with one decision. Which comes from a place of awareness and gentle love (for ourselves).

Awareness of your own actions as a result of others’ words. Every time you put food in your mouth, ask yourself if the urge to do so has come from listening to what someone else says. And if you can say “yes it is”, then the next step of putting that food in your mouth and chewing it, is done with complete consciousness of WHY you are eating it. And each time you choose NOT to follow through with that arm action, you have a victory to celebrate!

Ultimately it comes down to this. Are YOU willing to allow other people to control YOUR life? ESPECIALLY if they are strangers? I know I’m not!

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