Progress Report on Training

In Round 1 I had a lot of difficulties with training consistently. I allowed my head to get in the way of my success, and excuses had me either sleeping in too late to train before work, or sitting in front of the TV. Don’t get me wrong, I did train, I just didn’t do it consistently. At the most, I did 2 training sessions per week. 

With my change in mindset and recent success on the scales, the last couple of weeks have been different! This last week I have trained 5 out of the 7 days, a vast improvement on previous efforts. Only one of these sessions has been less than 500 calories burned. In fact, all but one has been more than 600 calories. And yesterday my Super Saturday Session was 1206, plus a shopping trip that burnt 667. Now I know that shopping trips aren’t technically supposed to count toward training, but since I got the SSS done in another session and that my HR was in “the zone” for a good part of the trip, I’m counting it anyway 🙂

Today I did two shorter sessions totalling 641 calories. And I knocked time off my time trial during both sessions. Just under 30 seconds the first time, and 40 seconds the second time!

Overall I am really happy with this progress. I have been using the JFDI philosophy and surprise surprise, it’s actually working (who knew? LOL). 

My major fitness goal this round is to make training a part of my everyday life. To help me to do that I decided that I was going to invest in myself and work with a personal trainer. I’ve done the PT thing before several years ago at the gym I belong to, and I worked with several people. All but one of these essentially just watched me doing my normal program and threw in a few “atta girls” occasionally. Looking back, they didn’t do much for me. 

I have now had 2 sessions with someone new. Someone who is a part of the 12WBT and knows the philosophies the program encapsulates. It’s still early stages and so far I am very happy with how things are going. This trainer is a part of our local 12WBT crew and attends the weekly SSS, and also keeps me on track via our Facebook page. She is encouraging and supportive, and during sessions doesn’t let me slack off. Already she has supported me in achieving 2 of my one month fitness goals. I have now done boxing for the first time ever!

I am feeling very satisfied with where I am heading with my training and cannot wait to see where this journey continues to take me. And to top it off, I am starting to think about other challenges I’d like to try! Never thought I would be doing that!!!

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