It’s been a while since I have posted here regularly so I thought I would come and do a little catching up of how things are going fitness wise. 

Whenever I train my heart rate jumps pretty high very quickly. Within 1-2 minutes it is up into the zone where catching my breath is difficult! And every time I do a cardio workout, at the end my face is the colour of a beetroot. Kind of like this …. 



In round 1 of the 12WBT this year I allowed my head to get in the way big time, and while I did several aqua classes, overall I didn’t achieve much fitness wise. This round has seen a big difference in my mindset. I’m not sure whether this has resulted from my trip to Melbourne for the round 1 finale (I suspect it is), but whatever it is, I just know that things are different.

When I set my goals for the preseason task I decided that I wanted to work on breaking through some barriers and doing things that would 1) push me outside my comfort zone, and 2) push me past the point where I think I can accomplish things and achieve more than I think I am capable of.

In the 3 weeks of this round so far I have done this several times. Firstly, I committed to attend my first SSS with my local Toowoomba 12WBT crew. In round 1 I was invited along to their sessions on numerous occasions and assured that all ability levels would be catered for, and yet I declined the invitation. Fear much?? 

So, with my new resolve to push myself and overcome some barriers, this was the result of that first endeavour. Relaxing afterward with a treat orange hot chocolate … 


My second effort at this same SSS resulted in a 1206 calorie burn.

My second choice and commitment to help me to overcome barriers has been the decision to invest in some personal training. I spoke with one of the local Toowoomba girls (also a PT) and arranged to do some sessions with her. After 3 sessions I am feeling really positive about where things are heading. This is the result of last week’s PT session.


Only once in the past few weeks have I had sore muscles after a workout, and today my PT told me that I am physically strong! That I have the muscles that are developed and I just need to kick in a few different systems. Can you believe it?? I’m physically strong! Who knew!!

I feel like I want to keep pushing my own limits to really discover what I am capable of!

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