I have a long history of allowing my excuses to dictate my actions, which has the effect of me not following through on what I know would benefit me in the long term. In the past this has also had the result of me feeling inadequate and unworthy of many things, including self care and love.

This 12wbt journey has supported me in turning this around. The mindset lessons are designed to change the beliefs we hold about ourselves and our abilities and the nutrition and training plans are designed to change our bodies. They have the added benefit of challenging our limits, which then combine with the mindset lessons to help us believe that we can create some magic inside our own lives.

I make this process sound very simple, do I not? That is because it is. The simplicity is quite deceiving, given that it is certainly not easy! Changing the habits of a lifetime is tough! Particularly since the brain will fight anything that is outside it’s comfort zone. So, whenever we attempt to change what we do on a consistent basis, we generally end up arguing with ourselves as the part of us that is used to a particular state of being, objects to the changes and works on convincing ourselves that we need to remain in the current state of being.

Every time we complete a training session, every time we choose to eat healthy, nutritious food, we take one step closer to making permanent changes that become a habit. Easy, right? No.

In Round 1 I regularly failed at making the choices that would ultimately get me to my goal of living a magical life. And every time I allowed my excuses to win, I learned a lesson (even small ones). These have accumulated to several larger lessons that have helped me to realise that I have what it takes to create the life I deserve. So that kind of means that I should now, at almost the half way point of Round 2, have everything under control, right? Again, no!

I am still finding myself failing on a regular basis. It’s just that now, the regularity is becoming less regular and the lessons learned are correspondingly larger and more meaningful. I have acknowledged that I am a fallible member of the human species and as such, I make mistakes and sometimes fail spectacularly. I am coming to accept that this is ok, particularly given the lessons associated with those failures. 

That said, I would be very helpful to be able to prevent the failures in these areas and to create more successes and achievements instead. So, how do I do this? It seems that my usual modes of practice need some adjustments. 

I have been challenged to create some strategies that will help to create more successes and less failures. So this is what I have agreed to do. To list five things that I can do whenever I feel the urge to make an unhealthy choice, so that whenever my mind begins dishing out the excuses, I have a plan to counteract the urge and to ultimately get me closer to where I deserve to be. 

So, five things that I can do INSTEAD of making unhealthy choices:

  1. Take an alternative route home, should the urge hit whilst driving
  2. Remove the unhealthy food from my vicinity and distract myself by undertaking a different activity. This could be resuming work activities, journalling, walking, or another form of physical training.
  3. Pamper myself with a self indulgent facial or foot spa.
  4. Spend time with a good book or listening to music.
  5. Visit or call a friend.

There. Thinking of this list of five things was more challenging that I thought it would be. I never said this was easy though, did I?

Simple, yes … Easy, no 🙂

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