Training and associated results

If you had have asked me 7 months ago whether I would be training to the point of exhaustion, I probably would have looked at you with one of those death looks that speaks volumes. And then I would have likely headed straight toward the chocolate or potato chips to prove to you that I didn’t need to do anything.

My how things have changed. Twice this week (Thursday and Saturday – today) I have worked out rather intensively. The following photo’s prove my point:

This is Thursday’s effort:


And this is today’s:


I am rather proud of these efforts (and of course exhausted!) cause these are supporting me to reach my goals and to ultimately life the life *I* want (and deserve) to live.

Wednesday being weigh in day for the program, saw me with a total donation of 4.7kg for the 5 weeks of this round (1.2 from this week). Early this morning, before I went to do my aqua class, I did a sneaky weigh in and discovered that since Wednesday (3 days ago) I have donated a further 1.8kg to the universe. But sshhhhh, cause it’s not official 😉 

These are the results of regular workouts like that! That said, I have also been making some healthy choices with my nutrition and have had a really good water intake as well. So a combination effect I think. I can’t wait to see the “official” weigh in results next week. I am hopeful that if i can do a few more really good training sessions, keep up the water intake and continue making healthy food choices, I will see at least a 3kg official donation this week, which will take me to well over the 7kg mark for the round so far.


2 comments on “Training and associated results

  1. Well done Alison, you must be feeling very proud of yourself and rightly so. Keep up the excellent work you are an inspiration to us all.

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