Transformations of self

I was sent a picture of myself just a few days ago that was taken May 19th, 2012. During the finale experience for Round 1, one of the girls took some photos of a group of us. This is me.


I really like this pic. I think it shows my best features. I’ve had a lot of positive comments from people on it too 🙂

Almost 2 months later, I am a bit smaller than this shows, which is awesome. 


On another note, I am feeling rather proud of myself today for doing another training session on my own. 57 min 35 seconds, 658 calories, over 45 min in fitness zone and a maximum HR of 162. 

I’ve also noticed that since January 24th 2012, I have done a total of 121 hrs and 37 minutes of training, and have burnt 22 453 calories. And, in the past week alone I have done 5 sessions totalling 5 hrs 20 min 42 seconds, burning 3 587 calories.

Given my change in mindset recently I feel very positive about my ability to keep doing what I am doing, and in fact to up the level and intensity to get those calorie burns even higher!

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