The Shining Light that is Self-Love

“I am disgusting”, “Don’t be an idiot”, “I’m stupid”, “You’re hopeless”, “Don’t be so lazy”.

These are all phrases that we commonly tell ourselves when things don’t go according to plan. If we eat the “wrong” thing. If we don’t exercise. We feel anxious, depressed, guilty, about ourselves. We hate ourselves. And we get into a cycle of self loathing that impacts every area of our lives. We avoid people and things because we are afraid of judgement and failure, which would prove that our words are accurate. We search for events that provide evidence of truth. And we end up settling for a life of mediocrity rather than the greatness we actually deserve.

The truth is that we all deserve excellence. We deserve to feel extraordinary, and we deserve to be loved. When the above statements are used by others in reference to our friends or family, we are determined to not accept it, because we know that those people are worth more and deserve to be loved unconditionally. So what makes us any less deserving of that same love?

So, when you catch yourself using those putdowns, know that you damage your ability for self love and you minimise your chances of achieving greatness.

If you want extraordinary rather than mediocrity, if you want inner peace and serenity rather than tension and inner turmoil, know that the language you use is extremely powerful. So, watch your language!

Change those phrases above to “I love you”, “I can learn something new”, “I can do this!”. If you start treating yourself with the respect you would use toward your best friends and family, you will achieve the greatness and extraordinariness you absolutely deserve. You will experience the love and self respect that you are worthy of. And you ARE worthy!


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