What is support?

People often say to me things like “thank you for the support”. I get this and variations on it, a lot. I used to wave it off and minimise it. “It’s nothing”, “no problem”, “I didn’t do anything”. 

So what do I do to warrant such gratitude? Usually not much that I would consider worthy. Sometimes offer some words of encouragement, other times share my own experiences as examples to illustrate my points. And sometimes I meet up with people face to face (or via the phone) and chat about stuff.

As I have learned to love and accept myself more, and value my own worth, I am finding that I am able to accept the compliments and gratitude for what it is. A simple display of love and warmth for the help and support I offer. I am discovering that sometimes, the support I offer to another human being, means the world to someone.

As an example, this weekend I accompanied a new 12wbt friend to see another 12wbt friend in a play that she wrote, directed and acted in. The gratitude I received from both of these girls means the world. These ladies have their own skills and talents to share with the world, and they both deserve to be supported.


Support is also this, where people gather around and encourage, push, bully (lovingly) and care about you so much that they will stand by your side and walk with you as you tackle the seemingly impossible.





These ladies are just some of the 30+ crew. They are always there, always willing to prop you up when you fall over. They always have kind, encouraging words when needed, or some tough love occasionally as well.

THIS, is support 🙂

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