Well, I have had an interesting week, to say the least. 

I promised myself the day before yesterday that I would get back into looking after myself and my health. Two days in, I believe I have accomplished that.

Yesterday morning I did the first PT session with my trainer in 2 weeks and today I have come up very sore and just slightly sorry for myself! Arms, back, chest, butt and thighs, all sore. That’s a sign I worked hard, right? I burned 479 calories and later in the night after work I brought that up by 237 calories with some time on my xtrainer … This morning I went to a bootcamp run by Shannan Ponton, Biggest Loser trainer, here in town. An hour later I had burnt 745 calories and after a very short rest, getting up and moving again was a big challenge! I got myself kiss on the cheek from Shannan when I arrived and he recognised me from last week, and then after the workout I got another photo with him. 

Someone who had seen both photos mentioned that she could see a difference and proceeded to put them together so I could see them side by side. I see some minor differences, but not huge ones. What do you think?



I have also been junk food free and have concentrated on the healthy food. My water intake yesterday was at least 3 litres as well. I feel really good about things and just quietly I feel like I am getting back on track. I will hopefully cement these with some significant mindset changes when I train with Emazon later this week. As terrified as I am at what may come out, I really want and need to do this for me. Bring it on!


Well, I have ha…

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