The Switch …

This needs to be just a short post today since I am scheduled to get out of bed early in the morning and it’s getting a tad late right now. 

I just wanted to report on something that I am finding very interesting and fascinating. This has left me feeling somewhat dumbfounded, but even more so, I feel that I can trust in myself again. 

For the last 3-4 weeks my weight has been fluctuating, and I had been getting somewhat frustrated with it since it just wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted it to! Now don’t get me wrong, this has happened before. A few times. When I first began my health journey back in 2004 I donated a smidge over 60kg by early to mid 2006. Then I got some full time work and I fell off the horse and went back to old habits. I regained about 20kg between then and January this year, when I began my 12wbt journey. In the middle of round 1 I donated and regained the same 4-5kg several times over for about 5 or 6 of the 12 week round. Things really only began moving again after I returned home from Melbourne and the round 1 finale and I recognised and acknowledged how far I have actually come since beginning this journey.

So, having this experience again in the last few weeks is certainly not a new one. I am incredibly grateful that it is only a 500 gram fluctuation rather than a full 4-5kg (or even more), as it has been in the past.

One of the things Emazon taught me is that our true self is always aware of what is happening for us, on a much deeper level than we ever imagine. She is always there to look out for us and look after us. And she will give us some big signals to help us to realise what is happening for us in any given moment. In short, she protects herself because she *knows* that we aren’t yet ready to face what will come after we break through those barriers. If we have *any* baggage hanging around, she will halt things until we get rid of it and we are ready to move again.

So, here is the thing. Since my Emazon experience I have been focusing on nurturing my spirit (true self) and helping her to process the things I have heard. Which means that I have not done any training. Nor have I eaten anything special, or even focused on drinking more water. And yet, in the 3 days since I have seen her, the scales have informed me that I am 3.3kg lighter than I was on Wednesday morning. And all this coming on the back of 3-4 weeks of fluctuations.

Like I said, dumbfounded is definitely a word I would use to describe the way I have been feeling today. More than that though, I have been excited! Things are finally moving again! Yayyy! I can’t wait for the official week 10 weigh in on Wednesday morning!

This has really brought home to me how intuitive and instinctual our bodies really are. If we really listen to our true selves and give our bodies what they need, they *will* respond. Ali really needed me to listen to her and to let go of some of the negativity I have been holding onto for so long.

Thank you Emazon, for helping me to flick the switch inside myself. 🙂

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