What does self care actually mean?

The few days have been really full on for me. I have facilitated a group, and attended a 2 day retreat with my team of colleagues around the state, all of which have been amazing and powerful experiences for those involved (me included). During the retreat my skill as a professional was acknowledged and I was asked to share some of my skills with my colleagues. A great honour and privilege and I feel grateful to my colleagues for the opportunity. After this opportunity I received some very positive feedback from a few of my colleagues, which was great. The location was really nice, a small retreat tucked in between some mountains. Cozy rooms, comfortable beds, and great caring service. And the food was completely divine! That said, these last 3 days has been quite emotionally draining, given the material that was covered.

Part of the retreat was about self care. We were asked to reflect upon how we practise it and what it means to us, not just as clinicians, but also as people. We were asked to think about the areas that we felt needed attention for our own self care. I felt that I needed to address 2 main areas. The first was the ability to recognise when I needed to nurture myself, and the second was acknowledging that I deserve to practise it in the first place. This is a big thing for me given my previous esteem issues, and I feel I have had a light bulb moment with it 🙂

We were given a pack at the retreat which had a few simple pampering things included. A fun old fashioned device that most Australian kids would be familiar with, the blowing of bubbles. There was also a quote individual to each of us. Mine really resonated with me and given my experiences with Emazon and the 12WBT in recent months, it was very apt. 

I don’t remember the exact words right now, but it was about trusting our instincts. Our bodies were meant to move naturally and fluidly, and if we overthink it, our body will stall. When I find the paper I will post the exact wording. 

After the retreat ended yesterday I spent the night with one of my 12WBT girls and this morning we went to bootcamp. I then went to breakfast with a friend and did a few flights of stairs in her house, and followed that up with an afternoon SSS with our local crew. A total of 1241 calories burnt for the day, and a great feeling of accomplishment. Along with an aggravated left knee and a plantar fasciitis that is also playing up. So tomorrow I will be resting, icing and elevating, as per instructions from my trainer. Self care in practise, right? 🙂

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