Week 1, Round 3, 2012

Thought I would drop in to give a sum up of the first week of this, the third round of the 12WBT. I did pretty well, I think. Not completely perfect, but well, regardless.

Training wasn’t so great. Only two sessions this week, one of which was an awesome PT session. I need to figure out what the block is. Or, I just need to JFDI and stop my brain from thinking before I get started. 

Nutrition was much better. I had one slip up last weekend just after I went shopping for groceries. Bought a block of chocolate and a few mini wagon wheels and at them. The rest of the week has been great. Monday night I cooked some meat pies and on Wednesday I made some pumpkin & garlic soup and fish stew. These, along with some healthy cereal and the makings for meat and salad sandwiches, got me through the week quite nicely. The last 24 hours or so I’ve been a little fidgety, wanting to “make a break” and get some junk food, but i’ve successfully avoided it. Tomorrow I plan to make some meatballs, chicken parmagana and a tuna, cherry tomato & zucchini bake, along with some banana bread to get me through the next week. 

My water intake has been up and down. Some days I’ve been chugging down 3 litres and other days it’s only been about 1 litre. I’ve discovered the more I train, the more I drink. I’ll keep working on that 🙂

Overall I’m reasonably happy with how I’ve done. As I say not perfect, but much better than I would have been in the past. 

Tomorrow I will do another SSS training session and cook the meals mentioned above. 

JFDI Ali 🙂

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