Mini Milestone, Week 4, Round 3

A few weeks ago I asked for some suggestions on activities I could do for the mini milestones at weeks 4, 8 and 12 for this round of the 12wbt. The aim is to challenge yourself, to get out of your comfort zone and do something that you would not ordinarily do. One of the other members I regularly train with at our local Saturday workouts suggested that I walk up a dirty great hill. Well, maybe not that great, but it is something that would challenge me!

A search for directions on Google maps tells me that the walk is a smidge under 2km in distance from start to finish. I was going to post a link that would show a map of the route, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that with google maps (wouldn’t surprise me if I was doing something wrong *sigh*).

So, today is the very beginning of Week 4, and I was up at 5am to meet my fellow 12wbter (the one who suggested it) at 6:30! For her, this walk would be the very beginning of her training for the day and she would have done it a LOT faster than me! Google maps tells me that to walk it would take 18 minutes out of your life. For my friend, this would likely have been an accurate measure. When she made the suggestion that this could be my milestone event, she committed to coming along for the ride and support me through it. I truly value her support and appreciate her friendship and willingness to help me achieve this. Thanks Mel!!

6:30am found us at the bottom of that hill beginning the trek to the top. The sun was shining directly into our eyes on the way up. When you drive the route it looks deceptively easy. It is steeper than it looks, let me tell you!! While walking up that sucker you feel like your lungs are gonna pop out of your chest (maybe a slight exaggeration – just lol). We paused a couple of times for about 5-10 second bursts for me to catch my breath, and at the top so we could record the auspicious event with a photo, but other than that, I made it all the way up and then all the way down again, no stopping or sitting down.

My legs were somewhat jelly-like by the time we reached the car again (that downhill part really tests those legs, let me tell ya!. We toyed with the idea of doing a second round, and then decided that I could use the time and beat it at the next mini milestone in Week 8. To do that, we really need a benchmark to beat, right?

The results:

Total time (including pausing to breath and capture the photo at the top – 44 minutes

Total distance – 2km (according to Google maps)

Calorie burn – 459 (which I don’t think is quite accurate given that at one point my HR was 222 and at another it was 49 when I was puffing like a freight train!)

Goal for Week 8 – Smash that time, and do 2 laps (i.e., 4km)

And of course I can’t get away without showing off the picture that was captured at the top. Note the incredible views you get when you stand at the top of the mountain that is Toowoomba!


Actually I don’t think you can see much of the view through the trees. But trust me when I say that they are pretty spectacular! 🙂

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