Uncertainty and backward sliding

These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a challenge. Two weeks ago I discovered an extra 2.5kg of fluid my body was hanging on to (a common occurrence). Since it has been a common thing, I thought to myself, no problem, it’ll come off by next week. As the week progressed, it went up a further 2+ kg, and then decided to release it and I ended up 400g lighter than the week before.

As this week has progressed my mind has become more active and once again it has gotten in the way (big surprise lol). So much so that I have progressively been eating more crap and yesterday I had a binge reminiscent of old times. After my training session. It is half way through the week and my body is still holding onto this fluid. A part of me knows that it will continue to hold it until I can release the head shit that is holding me back, and another part is incredibly frustrated by the whole experience and is contributing to the head shit (go figure!)

I watched a Mish video today on getting back on track and decided that I really want and need to revisit some of the preseason tasks, particularly those associated with the reasons why I began this program in the first place and what I want to get out of it. What I want to achieve, the life I want to live.

I have had a friend tell me that I think too much (no newsflash there!). She said it like this and made me laugh out loud in the process (primarily because she is spot on!!):

Stop thinking, stop talking, stop trying to figure yourself out – you will know yourself when you are ready to. Stop using your intelligence as an excuse for being stupid.
The question is, how do I do that? By DOING I’ve been told. The mind will follow the body apparently. So, I am committing this week to play the JFDI card! Six training sessions and clean eating, with enough food preparation on my day off to feed me for the next week or two. It starts at 6am tomorrow with a PT session.
Those 6 training sessions will consist of:
Monday: Personal Training
Tuesday: 20 min Xtrainer plus Tuesday’s toning workout from Week 5 of the 12wbt program
Wednesday: Personal Training
Thursday: Wednesday’s Cardio session from Week 5 12wbt program (with Xtrainer instead of rower)
Friday: Week 5 Core workout from 12wbt program
Saturday: Week 5 SSS from 12wbt program
This stuff is tiring, let me tell ya!!

3 comments on “Uncertainty and backward sliding

  1. Your friend’s advice is good and I think your pledge For the week bang on — robot mode, it’s set out just do it. The head will catch up.


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