A few things ….

There are a number of things I wanted to mention tonight, so bear with me …

Firstly, a report. Since my last post 2 days ago I have been going very well. I had a PT session early this morning before work and both yesterday and today my nutrition has been very good. I even had a win yesterday! I had my hair done on my way home from work yesterday afternoon at 5:15, after a small snack. By the time I got home just after 7:30, I was pretty hungry. Now usually at that time of night I would probably have had all consuming thoughts of takeaway or some other kind of junk. Instead, those thoughts were fleeting and disappeared pretty quickly, and I went home for a healthy dinner instead! Yay me! πŸ˜€

Next, I wanted to talk about what I will be doing next week. Plans and commitments have already been made. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be doing more sessions with Emazon, whom I have posted about previously when I saw her several months ago. Monday and Tuesday will include training, Emazon style, which means lots of boxing! Wednesday will by my second individual session with her, and this will also be preceded by (once it’s confirmed) a bootcamp style training session with a group of other QLD 12WBTers, on hilly sand (nervous much!) … Thursday and Friday I am back home for early morning PT sessions and full work days, Saturday will be our normal Super Saturday Session (SSS), and Sunday I have a work function that I need to create a photo tribute for.

So, next week will be 6 training sessions in 6 days, and the first week I have made that achievement in the entire time I have been doing the 12WBT (since February 13, 2012). I’m really excited to do the Emazon sessions and really nervous to do the sandy bootcamp! Just the prospect of hills and sand and running has my head going nuts!!

A quick brag that I just remembered …. This morning during PT, *I*, did my first ever wall sit! Up until now I have just put the smallest possible number down for the fitness tests that we do every 4 weeks. Can you believe it? In round one the only number I put down was for the time trial. Round 2 I did the time trial and pretty much guessed the rest. This round, we are in week 6, and today I did the wall sit for the first time! I even did it AFTER 3 rounds of fitball squats (30 seconds each round), so my legs were already pre-fatigued. ANDΒ I got 47 seconds!!

Kinda makes me realise, once again, how much I have always sold myself short (why does typing this sentence make me feel the urge to cry??) … Can’t dwell on that though, right?!?! Time to move forward!

Another small win to celebrate. Yesterday I made a commitment to some other 12wbt 30+ girls that I would restrain myself from using the scales every day; that I would only use them on a Wednesday morning. This morning I did that! I haven’t touched them! Yayyy me!! πŸ˜€

A few more things to add to the list I started in my last post, of why I am doing this program:

  • To CHALLENGE myself
  • To DEVELOP myself
  • To realise my full potential
  • To understand who the real me really is
  • To understand what I am truly capable of
  • To EMPOWER myself
  • To inspire and support others on their journey
  • To care for myself

As I think of more, I will add them. πŸ™‚

One comment on “A few things ….

  1. You will have a life changing experience at Emazon, and hopefully our beautiful weather will continue for next week. Well done on your achievements…fantastic!

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