Memories and achievements

I did well this morning in our SSS training. 1077 calories burnt! Yay me! And now that I have had a chance to rest up and recover after the session, I am feeling good! The entire time my brain was telling me it was too hard, too hot, and that I needed to stop. While I took a few short rests, I didn’t stop, and I’m proud of that! And when I add today’s session to some of the other achievements I have made recently, I feel really good about myself right now. My nutrition has been great this week, as has my training. I did my first ever wall sit this week, I’ve had a great week at work, and I have made plans for an amazing week next week! In addition to the training and events I mentioned in my last post, I have just committed to a zumba class with a friend, which will now make 7 training sessions next week. What a way to REALLY see what i’m made of!

Somehow this new (extra) commitment seems very right. Something inside me I am feeling really positive about how I have been able to turn things around in the last week or so. Refocusing on the reasons why I am doing this program has helped me to go back to basics once again, which is my ultimate goal for this round of the program. I’ve taken the focus off the numbers on the scales and am working toward trusting my inner self to know what is right for my body. 

On another note, today is my brother’s 42nd birthday. He died a little over 3 years ago. I know he would be proud of what I have achieved and I have been told by a friend of his that he felt inspired by them too. I miss him every day and  sometimes wish that he had survived long enough to see me doing this program. I wonder whether he would have been inspired enough to join the journey and transform his own life. So, while I wish he had had the opportunity to give it a go, I know that things have worked out the way they are meant to, and his unique skills and talents are required elsewhere. I have to trust in the higher purpose and know that my journey is enriched from the experience of grieving for him. I know that *I* am a stronger, more determined woman because I have travelled this path. I love you G, and I thank you for impacting my life in the way you have. I would not be the person I am now without having had you in my life.


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