Real Beauty and comfort zones

One of my friends said to me today,

what’s on the inside reflects on the outside ya know.

We were talking about beauty at the time. Specifically, about how beautiful she believes I am. Her statement kinda hit me and flicked another one of those switches in my head!

One of my posts a couple of months ago was about the beliefs and conditioning we grow up with. Those statements like “you have a really pretty face, if you lost weight you’d be beautiful”. This and other comments have led me to always believe that I just wasn’t beautiful at all. Since I’ve been an adult I have done a lot of work on turning that around and have come to believe that what really counts is the inner beauty. I started to believe that I am beautiful. On the inside. But through it all, I’ve kept the belief that on the outside I was ugly, even as I was working at accepting myself as I am.

So, when my friend made her comment today it made me sit up and take notice. If it were true, then it means that I really am beautiful, both inside and out. The concept of this has my head reeling. Could it really be true? My brain is objecting and telling me that it’s not possible. And yet, my real self knows the statement is an accurate reflection of who I really am. So, I will trust that she knows, and go with it. 🙂


On another note, this week is week 6 for round 3 of the 12WBT. The weekly surprise was to create a mindset lesson, in 50-100 words, about something you have learned during the program. I thought I would share my contribution.

Pushing outside the comfort zone.

The mind doesn’t always tell us the truth. Whenever we attempt to step outside what we feel comfortable with, it will always give us every excuse under the sun! “It’s too hard”, “I can’t do this”, “I don’t deserve this”, and so on, ad nauseum. When we decide not to listen, we can discover that as ordinary people, we are capable of extraordinary achievements. The trick, is recognising when those thoughts are untrue. It starts with the small things. I challenge you to try it out and have a play! It feels amazing!

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