100 Reasons …

I have been challenged by one or two of the other 30+ crew members doing the 12wbt to do something a little different. Most people do the 12 week body transformation for a number of reasons. To “lose” weight, get fitter and healthier. But there are so many OTHER reasons. So many more important reasons. I’m not saying that reducing the numbers on the scales and gaining fitness and health are unimportant. Clearly they are. Very important in fact. A big part of the program is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. To challenge yourself, face your fears, and create the best version of yourself that you possibly can.

So this challenge that has been put in front of me is to write a list of 100 reasons why I am doing this program. What am I getting out of it? For me, these have NOTHING to do with the numbers and everything to do with the rest of my life.

My 100 Reasons are:

  1. To be acceptable to myself
  2. To feel empowered
  3. To truly LOVE myself
  4. To nurture my soul, body and mind
  5. I DESERVE to be taken care of
  6. To allow my authentic self to shine
  7. To learn to DANCE
  8. To realise my power
  9. To LEAD
  10. To come out into the light
  11. To LIVE
  12. To participate
  13. To have fun
  14. To LOVE
  15. To arrive!
  16. To conquer
  17. To value myself
  18. To respect myself
  19. To take time for me
  20. To challenge myself
  21. To create the life I deserve
  22. To realise my potential
  23. To inspire others
  24. To inspire myself
  25. To listen to myself
  26. To get in tune with my body
  27. To TRUST my authentic self
  28. To learn how to fuel my body for the power it needs
  29. To create a healthy relationship with food
  30. To live congruently with what I teach others
  31. To live my purpose
  32. To get in tune with my higher self
  33. To learn how to protect my authentic self
  34. To cleanse my mind
  35. To create healthy HABITS that support me
  36. To take ACTION
  37. To live the dreams I have in ALL areas of my life
  38. To be able to attend social functions that requires sitting on the ground
  39. To be able to go to amusement parks, theme parks and shows and join in the fun!
  40. To fly on a plane
  41. To be able to travel overseas
  42. To honour my mum’s life by completing the trip of a lifetime that she was unable to.
  43. To connect with other people
  44. To learn how to be ok with being vulnerable
  45. To learn how to embrace the fears that have held me back for so long
  46. To learn how to hit some shit and BLOCK out all the noise
  47. To learn how to protect my bubble
  48. To be ME
  49. To become aware of what my authentic self needs
  50. To PLAY!
  51. To choose
  52. To honour myself
  53. To enjoy being hot and sweaty
  54. To enjoy being in hot weather
  55. To be physically fit and strong
  56. To KNOW that I am physically fit and strong
  57. To believe in myself and my abilities
  58. To shop freely in whichever store I choose and know that the clothes with fit well and look good
  59. To have energy to spare at the end of the day
  60. To thrive!
  61. To feel beautiful and sexy
  62. To be proud of myself
  63. To be responsible for ME
  64. To KNOW that I am worth the effort
  65. To be happy
  66. To feel pride
  67. To love being healthy
  68. Because I can
  69. To be extraordinary
  70. To love and be loved
  71. To keep up
  72. To buy clothing off the rack
  73. To feel confidence
  74. To be resilience
  75. To overcome my fears
  76. To be able to wear pants
  77. To take action consistently on the things that will support me in achieving my dreams
  78. To know what it feels like to be healthy
  79. To know what it feels like to be fit
  80. To achieve the greatest transformation of my entire life
  81. To allow my sensual side to come out and play
  82. To FEEL beautiful inside
  83. To have my lymphatic system functioning effectively
  84. To be able to wear clothes in which I feel beautiful
  85. To be able to own more than 7 days worth of clothing
  86. To enjoy creating healthy meals and nourishing my body
  87. To be able to move without restriction
  88. To be free of the unhelpful thoughts that hold me back
  89. To be excited about my life!
  90. To feel comfortable
  91. To be able to own elegant clothing
  92. To learn about myself
  93. To be amazing
  94. To have my body, mind and soul functioning with harmony and synchronicity
  95. To have FUN!
  96. To take what I need for me
  97. To have adventures
  98. To smash away my previously self imposed limits
  99. To be free of worry on the weight capacity limits of chairs and other furniture

100.Because this is for ME and I deserve to live the BEST life EVER!


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