More numbers stuff

I have been talking a lot about the numbers in recent posts. In “Radical Trust” I made the decision that I would bring the scales out only every 4 weeks. Today marks the first of these this round. I am 1.6kg lighter today than I was 4 weeks ago.

My initial reaction was disappointment. The past month I have been hoping/visualising that because of all the work I’ve been doing to get my health sorted the scales would show the difference. I think I have had this expectation that the kiniesiology and accupuncture would make things drop almost overnight. My thoughts about the numbers in the last 4 weeks have been somewhat sporadic. One day I would think that 8kg difference would be awesome, the next I’d think 6 would be great! Then it would be 3, then back to 8, then 5. Back and forth, the entire 4 weeks. And I have been counting down the weigh in’s. In week 1 it was “3 weeks to go”, in week 2 it was “half way there”. I almost forgot to count week 3! Didn’t realise it was weigh in day until I checked in with the 30+ crew FB page. And the last several days I have been counting down the days. So when I actually stepped on the scales this morning it was an anti climax. “Only” 1.6kg in 4 weeks. Things should have been different, right? Clearly I am still attached to the numbers.

So, I need to focus on every other achievements I have made in the last 6 months to get me away from the numbers. Sooo many other things to be proud of. My training. My milestones. I walked 5 km ffs! Half of which was up hill!! I have changed the way I think. I can now recognise an excuse from 100 paces! I FEEL differently about myself. I speak to myself with more respect and love. I now know that I have value. My career achievements have taken a huge leap forward. I EMPOWER people (or more accurately, I help them to empower themselves)! I now make choices. I have power. I have talent! I am WORTHY! I am ENOUGH!! I have successfully made nutrition choices that move me closer to the life I deserve. These choices are becoming more conscious and feel more natural. I haven’t consumed chocolate in 2 months. And surprisingly, I am not craving it.

All HUGE achievements! All worth celebrating.

Time for me to meditate and centre myself, then get some sleep. I have a LIFE to LIVE in the morning! 🙂

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