There has been a lot of talk on facebook in the last several hours or so about the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut with a school shooting that has left 27 people (20 of them children) dead. Heartbreaking stuff.

Following this, many of the ladies in the 30+ crew have begun gratitude projects. Leading the charge on this is a good friend of mine, Cathy. An amazing idea from an amazing lady. The idea is that you not only FEEL gratitude in your life, but also SHARE it with random people. TELL people that you are grateful for them and the things they do (and ARE). And not just the people who you love most. Include random people like the check out chick in the supermarket or someone you pass in the street. Fantastic stuff is happening from this one idea from just one person. I LOVE it!

So, why am I mentioning this now?

Because I want to express my gratitude to someone in a permanent way. By writing it here it will be in print for a LONG time. I belong to a group on facebook that is essentially an oasis. A space where people can go to chill out and just BE. They can take some time out of their busy (and often chaotic) lives and be in a space that is about love, support and peace. To quiet the mind. To regain balance.

I shared a link to my blog in that group earlier today so that people, if they chose, could share my thoughts and journey with my most recent posts about the lightbulbs I have experienced on different topics. One lady, who I won’t name in case she doesn’t wish to be, responded with a post of her own, directed to me. She shared this photo:


And she attached this description to explain why she was sharing the photo:

This is for you. I saw it somewhere recently (possibly in here), and it spoke to me. After reading your last 6 blog posts, I wanted to reach out and tell you that you are AWESOME! You rightly acknowledge that you are a worthwhile and deserving person, and as someone who struggles daily to believe that about myself, I understand the enormity of that breakthrough for you. Thank you for sharing your struggles and break throughs, you are so much more than enough, you are AWESOME! xoxo

All I can say is this: WOW!! I am incredibly humbled, honoured and emotional all at once by this lady reaching out to me in this way. Right now my heart and soul are full to the brim with gratitude that I have been lucky enough to be blessed with the community of women (and men) I have in my life. I would like to send a HUGE thank you to this amazing woman who has just reached out to me.

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