Gratitude on a very special day

Over the last few weeks I have been feeling quite unloved, lonely and sorry for myself, and several of my old thinking patterns about my lack of worth were resurfacing, which accompanied old eating and exercising habits as well.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yesterday when I arrived home from a day out I found 4 pieces of mail from various members of this crew. Each of the ladies who sent me something, without knowing my recent state of mind, included some very lovely words of support and love, and 3 of them have almost completely outfitted me for the Brisbane finale (minus shoes)! Pendant, bracelets, earrings AND dress!

On it’s own, receiving this mail and the subsequent messages when thanking the recipients lifted me up in indescribable ways! I felt very blessesd and overwhelmed by the love and support I was receiving!!

The other day I was invited to brunch (today) by another 12wbter. When I arrived I discovered her and another 3 ladies waiting for me, shouting a very loud Happy Birthday, complete with party poppers! 2 more people arrived after that. I was presented with a further gift, my first experience with green tea. I enjoyed an amazing morning full of laughter and fun with these women and was inundated with text messages of birthday wishes, love and support from the people who couldn’t make it, whether due to geography or other circumstances. Thanks to one of the girls being extremely trigger happy with a camera/ipad/iphone there were plenty of photos and videos taken. I also received a very special “cake”, complete with candle! Note the pendant in this photo. One of the gifts that arrived in the mail yesterday. A purple heart (stained glass style) with a metal angel attached.

apple cake

My cake and candle!!

All but 2 of the ladies that came created a “tour bus” and made the 2 hour trek up the mountain from Brisbane to Toowoomba.

The Tour Bus

The Tour Bus

I have been told that there was a “secret squirrels business” facebook group created especially to organise this event so that I would not find out, and that significant numbers of this very special crew were involved (I’m not sure of the exact numbers) in creating this special day for me.

I have been lifted up in ways that I cannot describe with mere words. I feel loved and worthy, and my heart is full of gratitude for the support and love that I have received from this crew.

These incredible people belong to the 30+ crew and the Toowoomba crew! Thank you for being you!!

For some reason people seem to think I need to be the centre of attention on my birthday!

For some reason people seem to think I need to be the centre of attention on my birthday!

Love and hugs,

Ali Xxx

6 comments on “Gratitude on a very special day

  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!
    It warms my heart to read that those wonderful ladies concocted a sneaky plan to celebrate your birthday with you. You look so happy in the photos, and you truly deserve to be happy!!! xoxo

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