Who’s up for a tuff butt??

I have been invited to participate in a fitness challenge for the month of January by some of the 12 WBT 30+ girls. I feel like the last month for me has been more of my old habits than the new one, so in an effort to get back on track and to move closer to where I want to be, I WILL be participating.

The focus is on the butt area, with a series of squats, burpees and wall sits. I am posting my intention here for several reasons. Firstly, so that I don’t need to go searching all over the place for the program, and I know exactly where to find it. Secondly, to prevent me, as much as possible, from piking on the training from the second day onwards. I know myself well enough to know that given a chance, I will not follow through. So I want to make myself accountable. I have also asked the team to check in with me.

The following photo constitutes the content of the month’s program … 


Tuff Butt January Challenge

So, let’s see what I can do with this! Starting as soon as I wake up on 1/1/13 🙂

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