New Ventures

For the last several months I have been having lots of headspins, I have experienced lots of “messy” emotions and I have been allowing a paralysing fear to stop me from moving forward.

For the last few weeks I have felt like I need something new in my life. To help me to push past that fear and to continue to create the life I deserve. Or more accurately, to reveal the real Ali and allow her to LIVE. 

I have been thinking for a while now about joining a new gym and getting something different in my training. Now that my headspins have dissipated and since my last 1:1 with Emazon I decided to take action on it.

Yesterday I had appointments at 2 gyms for introductory tours. One gym in particular stood out. I felt welcomed as soon as I walked in the door. The “membership consultant” was very friendly and immediately set me at ease. He asked me what I wanted to get out of being a member, what I wanted to achieve and a little about my past experiences. He was funny and super encouraging. The second gym was very different. The lady behind the desk seemed very unsure of herself. She showed me around and then at my request explained the fee structure and how things worked. She took only a peripheral interest in me on any personal level. And I didn’t feel comfortable in volunteering anything really personal. Add to that, the prices were significantly more expensive than the first gym, the equipment was less extensive and much older, and the opening hours are less user friendly for those of us who can only train after hours (or early morning). And overall, the vibe just didn’t feel right for what I was after.

So, I went back to the first gym. Signed up then and there. The membership consultant went through the fitness class timetable with me and he said I should try out the Body Attack class immediately, one of the highest intensity classes on the schedule! 😮 Daunting much!! He said if I took the “bounce” out of the steps I’d be fine. Still daunting!

During the sign up process he asked when my first workout would be. I committed to doing it today. And as soon as I got home my brain kicked into its usual routine, “WTF have you done to me?!?!”

So of course when I woke up this morning it kicked in again and did its best to keep me away. I felt uneasy, uncertain and somewhat anxious about getting out the door. Three hours later than planned, I fulfilled my promise to the membership consultant and went to do my first training session. That promise was the thing that got me out the door.

It wasn’t a long one, but once I was there, while there was a little uncertainty for what I should do next, I was fine. And while I was checking in I booked an appointment for an initial assessment to have a program written up for me. Tomorrow. Which of course gets me back there for another workout.

My major goal in joining up to the gym is to discover more about myself, to become more self aware, to make training a regular part of my day. And to SHUT DOWN the voices in my head that tell me to avoid the gym!

Let’s see how I go 🙂

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