Story of my life

On facebook I subscribe to a page called Brave Girls Club ( They have a “one minute journalling” prompt each day. I believe the idea is to write for one minute and  come up with a response. Today’s topic is “What would be the title of the story of my life today?”

Given all the stuff that has happened recently this topic kind of jumped out at me. So, today my title would be “Reclaiming my Power”.

I feel like my power has been ripped away from me, but I know that I have pretty much given it away. So today, I reclaim it and take steps to reclaim control and self respect. Appointments for a PT and kiniesiology sessions have been made, waiting on one for psychology, and I have applied for some leave from work so I can take some time to nurture myself. During that time I plan to make preparations for the coming uni semester. Meal prep, training, house clearing, brain nurturing, blogging. I need to get back to the basics of self care.

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