Balance, Security and Safety.

So. It’s been a full on couple of days! Kiniesiology, psychology, personal training, Emazon and work. And at the end of it I feel completely wrung out.

Which is fine, because I feel like I have the next piece of the puzzle in this transformation thing. In fact, I feel like I have all the pieces. Now what I need to do is put them together in a way that makes sense to my greater mind. I’m hoping that won’t take too long. Obviously there is no timeline on it though, so I’ll take it as it comes.

I also feel …. Clear. Centred. Peaceful almost. Relief. Definitely relief.

*Breathe. Release.*

My training has begun to evolve. From the aim being about fitness and stamina to being about focus, mental wellbeing and coming away from each session feeling centred and at peace. Feeling strong. Feeling safe. Feeling grounded. Feeling like I have just gotten exactly what I needed to suit me in that moment. To suit my body, my mind and my spirit.

It’s been a natural evolution, one that I am happy with. I feel much more in tune with myself and every session I feel a little more able to voice my truth. To ask for what I need, to share what is in my heart and feel safe in doing so, regardless of the outcome. To not be attached to the outcome. The words and actions of others are not my concern. They come from a different place. I come from a place of never being allowed to voice anything. Never allowed to express my feelings, to give my opinion. It was never valued or respected and I learned that to protect my inner self I had to hide those things, whether positive or not.

So now, every time I can open my mouth, detach myself from any kind of outcome, and simply voice what is in my heart for the sake of allowing it out, I win. I win self-respect and I win self-love. I win self-care. Every single time I ask for what I need, I change old patterns, decondition old neural pathways and allow myself to create new patterns and ways of being. Every. Single. Time.

And every time I allow a little more of my true purpose and destiny into my consciousness, it opens up my entire world as well as new doors leading into my future.

*Breathe. Release.*

 breathe out bullshit

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