Interesting Reading

This page is a list of blogs, websites or other random bits of information that I find interesting. Those things that have impacted on my life in a positive way; either by teaching me lessons, or simply by striking a chord with something that I already hold close to me. Maybe it reinforces a belief that I hold, maybe it has taught me something about myself. Either way, it has impacted on my life in some way, and I hope you enjoy 🙂


The Happiness Trap, by  Russ Harris, MD.

This is a very user friendly, easy to read book based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is a relatively new therapy that helps people to take committed action on living their values, without allowing their thoughts to get in the way. The “I’ll be happy when …” trap is very common. Russ shares some very simple strategies to let go of the struggle and assists people to understand the human instincts to behave in certain ways. The book can be purchased from his website, at but can also be found at most good bookstores and sites such as He also has available, a series of worksheets that accompany the book, as well as 2 volumes of mindfulness CD’s designed to complement the book.

He also has other books available, which can be easily accessed by navigating his site.

A lot of the work I do with my clients is based this work. It is very effective.



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