Who Am I?

This page is just a little information about me. When asked “Who are you?”, most people would answer either with a shopping list of the roles they take on in the world, such as mother, daughter, employee and so on. Others feel completely lost and answer “I have no idea”.

I have partaken of several philosophical discussions recently with friends to discover some of the answers to this question. No clear answers surfaced, but I did discover some interesting insights. I don’t have anything definite to write here now, but while I consider some options, what I can do is to provide you with some of the shopping list that commonly appears for most people.

I am a daughter, sister and aunt. I am someone who loves helping people, which for me comes in the form of listening and assisting others to sort out their own emotions. In other words, counselling. I continue to work toward creating my dream career and every move I make takes me one step closer to being a psychologist.

In creating this dream I have learned many things about myself and have put in a phenomenal effort to work on my own personal “stuff”. That is, to overcome those barriers that have traditionally held me back. Participating in the 12WBT is the current step in creating the life that I deserve to live. To reclaim my personal power and to nurture my soul, the way I deserve to be nurtured. To take care of myself the way I deserve to be taken care of.

9 comments on “Who Am I?

  1. Miss Bengough?
    I was a student of yours at ESPS.
    I’d love to chat with you. Could you send me an e-mail?
    Thank you! Laura

  2. Thank you for the follow on Kerri Chronicles. I love this page, it’s very inspiring. What a wonderful gift a person can give to themselves (and the world) in finding their inner beauty, strength and courage and emotionally sending themselves to the spa – nurturing the soul. How refreshing!

    • Wow, thank you so much Kerri! I really appreciate that very kind comment! The aim is to nurture my entire being, mind, body and soul. The ultimate in self care. I have a second blog, which is linked to this one, called The Mindset Effect. The link is on the right side where I have the list of blogs I follow. Hope you like that one too. More professional than personal, and as the name suggests, about the mindsets we hold and how to change it. 🙂

      • Thank you for directing me to this Ali. I am going to follow. I love to learn and grow. If you get some time, check out the ‘Journal Entries’ tab on my site and read the post under ‘Healing Kerri’. I’ve been working on me a long time :O) Anyway these are actual post that I started pulling out of my old journals from the days of my darkest struggles and sharing to empower others.

  3. Ali, I’m really thankful I somehow stumbled across your blog. I believe I found a comment of yours over at Nate’s blog (flywithnate) and that’s how I ended up here. You have a beautiful blog here. Your journey towards self love and self care is inspirational, and something I’m aspiring to continue doing as well. I share a lot of your views, and I have a similar aspiration in mind for my career… so your blog made for a very interesting read. I am following along, because I definitely want to read more. 🙂

    • Oh, wow, thank you so much for coming by to visit! I’m so glad that you find my writing inspirational and have come via Nate’s site. I look forward to reading more of your comments as you delve a little deeper into my blog.

      Check out my other blog too, The Mindset Effect, which is about anything mindset related. A bit more of a professional endeavour for me. The link is on the right hand side of this one in the “Blogs I follow” list.

      Ali 🙂

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